March 30, 2010 – April 4, 2010

Sunday I opened the paper and skipped right to the sales flyers and USA Weekend.  (I’ll be honest I don’t usually read the rest of the paper.  Often there is just too much negative news.  I’ll skim through it, but that’s about it.)  Here is what I saw.

every major faith teacher found enlightenment while outside, on a mountaintop, in the desert or under a tree.  In her latest book, God in the Wilderness, Korngold says we can “recalibrate our awe meters” in the Rockies or Central Park or just by looking out our office window at a tree and recalling the whisper of wind in its boughs, its rough bark and truly living colors

Can you guess what book I’m going to read next?  This is what my project is about.  Finding god, connecting with the universe.  No matter where you are reading this, we are under the same sky.  Reach out and touch the air.  It is the same that I am touching.  We are all connected.  It’s about taking time to appreciate the wonders of the universe, the small things we are too busy to notice.

P.S.  I’m changing the format here a little.  Instead of posting a daily pic, I’m going to do more of a recap.  Take a few days of photos and put them all in one post.


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One response to “March 30, 2010 – April 4, 2010

  1. That book looks interesting! Thanks for posting!

    I’m finding God in my garden. 😉

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