March 15, 2010

The ides of March.  I didn’t realize when I started how hard this project was going to be.  I figured I’d just snap a pic occasionally, pick my favorite, post it and tad-ah a blog.  Sometimes taking that pic is hard.  I’m a busy lady.  I have 3 kids and a part-time job and all the normal life stuff.  It’s rush, rush, rush.  Take this kid here and that one there.  Did I mention I’m also a single parent.  So it all falls on me.

I’ve started questioning the wisdom of adding another commitment to my life.  But this commitment is mine.  I am not doing it for someone else; I am doing it for me and it feeds my soul.  I spend a lot of my day looking up to the sky.  Sometimes it’s in awe and wonder.  Sometimes it’s in desperation, looking for answers.  No matter my reason I always look back down with a bit of peace, even on the gray rainy days.

I wrote this on the 15th and I will post it a week later.  But that’s OK because the sentiment is the same.  I’ve been taking pictures.  I try for every day, but that doesn’t always happen.  Some days I only get one and other days I take many more.  So for those days I miss I usually have another photo to share.  So for the 15th I don’t have a picture.  So here’s from one of my more bountiful days.


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