March 6, 2010

I was driving to work worrying that I was going to be late, because I still had to drop my car off at the shop.  Worrying how much it was going to cost me, if I was going to need all 4 tires replaced.  Forced to stop at yet another stop light, I looked out my window for a minute and stopped.  I stopped worrying, stopped thinking and just looked and was present.  I snapped a quick pic with my crack-berry and went on my way.

I reminded myself that I had the money and was thankful I didn’t have to put the work on a credit card.  That’s what the money was for and I’d just save it all again.  I reminded myself that I still had plenty of time and even if I was a few minutes late my boss would understand.  If he didn’t, oh well.  I’m starting a new job next month anyway.

In one stop light I managed to turn around my thinking.  I went from stressing and worrying to counting my blessings.  Just a minute to rearrange was all I needed.


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