March 4, 2010

So this project just took an interesting turn.  Today my kids broke my camera… actually it wasn’t even my camera, it was my mom’s.  So now I only have my phone camera.  Plus I am going to have to either fix my mother’s or get her a new one.  So much for buying myself a digital camera.  I could always pull out my old one.  You know the one that still uses film.  But considering I have rolls of undeveloped film from before my youngest was born… that doesn’t seem very practical.  Well, anyways, here’s today’s shot.



Filed under Blackberry

2 responses to “March 4, 2010

  1. Ugh. “a year in the sky – phone edition”. Is that pic with a phone? It’s great!

  2. Zanna

    Very pretty! And nice to see some blue… it was cloudy, cold and damp, here.

    Best of luck to you with the camera situation. I have a feeling it will work out to be a really cool thing.

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